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Mapping Africa,
cheaper & faster.

Cutting edge AI & Robotics for Forestry, Mining, infrastructure in Africa.


A major problem across Forestry, Mining, Infrastructure, etc is the need to monitor large areas of land over time. 

Today, we send field crews to get the information we care about - this takes months and millions of dollars.

Acre AI helps you get insights on large areas of land in a matter of days, not months - using cutting-edge technology. 

Countryside Scenery


Estimate timber values and carbon credits. Optimize field operations when pruning, thinning, etc. 

Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030. Planting and monitoring forests at scale will help us rise up to this challenge. 

LIDAR-360-Forestry (1).png
Agriculture Drone


Monitor crop acreage and yields for your field operations, credit risking, insurance, etc. 

Africa has 65% of the world’s remaining
uncultivated arable land. This is a great opportunity for us to scale agriculture and meet the challenge of feeding 2.5 Billion Africans by 2050. 


Plan inspections and maintenance for electric grids, roads, railways, etc. 

Africa has an annual $100B funding gap for infrastructural development. This puts further emphasis on planning and maintaining the infrastructure that supports an ever-growing population. 

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